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Getting Started with your DEM Account Setup
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We've created this document to help you configure your account.  


  • Connecting your shipping data source
  • Setting up order status notifications
  • Configure order tracking page
  • Manage customer service through help desk integrations.

1. Connecting your shipping data source’s Delivery Experience Management (DEM) is a real-time parcel tracking solution on the cloud. It offers complete visibility into your shipments across carriers in real-time, and highlights those orders that require your attention. We offer a variety of setup options to pull in the same data. One of these steps should do. This step is crucial because it allows you to view your orders directly on your account.


  • Through one of the applications with which we're integrated: Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Linnworks, BigCommerce, Zoho Inventory, etc.

  • Order Management Platforms

  • Carrier Account real-time tracking sources

  • Integration by FTP

  • Integration by API 


You'll find all the info in the below section : 

Shipment Data Source Integrations


Note: Limitations of carrier integrations
If you choose to connect your carrier accounts as a data source, only tracking numbers would get populated and no order-related reference would be available.


2. Setting up order status notifications

What are automated notifications?

Automated notifications allow you to design and set up emails that go out to your customers automatically when their shipments progress to selected shipping events.’s Delivery Experience Management allows you to set up automated notifications for the events Shipped, Attempted Delivery, Delivered, etc. So, say you enable Automated Notifications for the event Shipped, an email (that you have customized) would go out to customers from your verified email ID when their packages are shipped.

NOTE: To use this feature you would need to connect your eCommerce store to your account.


How can I set up automated notifications?

  1. Click on Settings > DEM > Integrations > Email Notifications
  2. Select the event(s) that you want to automate notifications for > From the drop-down, pick a relevant template for the event(s).
  3. Click on Enable. This would activate the automated emails for the events that you have picked.



NOTE: Pre-requisites before you can set up automated notifications:
1. Connect your eCommerce store/Order Management System
2.. Have a verified sender email ID.

3. Configure email templates.


Read More:

3. Configure order tracking page
Log in to your account > Settings > Customize Tracking Page

  • Pick a theme (Standard/Timeline/Pristine)

  • Upload your logo, favicon, brand images along with corresponding click URLs and pick a header color in line with your brand

  • Preview the page

  • If you like what you see, hit Update.



Contact for assistance with setting up your product recommendation engine/ further design inputs on the tracking page.

4. Manage customer service through help desk integrations

Why connect my Helpdesk with my account?

Connecting your Helpdesk platform with your account lets you set up automatic ticket creation for shipping events of your choosing. It enables you to seamlessly keep your support teams updated about critical delivery-related customer issues like lost/ damaged packages, shipments delayed in transit, failed deliveries, and more.

How can I connect my Helpdesk with my account?

Five simple steps:

  • Log in to your account
  • Go to Settings > DEM > Integrations > Connect Helpdesk > Select your Helpdesk from the dropdown.
  • Enter the email ID connected with your Helpdesk account
  • Select the events you’d like tickets created for.
  • Click Submit.



Read more about setting up FreshdeskZendesk, Gorgias, and more.


You’re set!

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