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Gorgias - OAuth Integration
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This advanced integration with Gorgias enables the functionality of having tickets raised with the name and email address of the customer who is likely to face a poor delivery experience.


These tickets are created prior to the unhappy experience unfolding and give support agents an opportunity to directly communicate this issue from the ticket created by 


To enable this integration, follow these steps:


  • Connect the app from the Gorgias Marketplace.
  • Authorize the app by validating your access credentials.
  • On authorizing, you'll be redirected to the events to enable.

  • Once the events have been enabled, you will see tickets created for the different in-transit issues.


Set up the Gorgias SDK with the instructions provided here, once you've enabled the events. This advanced setup lets you load contextual shipment details inside Gorgias for all tickets with a tracking number/ order ID in the subject or body of the ticket.


Support agents can also report an order as lost or damaged for to initiate carrier refunds for shipping costs/ insured value. You can read more about this functionality here - Reporting lost and damaged parcels on Gorgias.

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