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Reporting lost and damaged parcels on Gorgias
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When you hear from a customer via email or phone regarding a lost or damaged parcel, your support agents can log a request from within Gorgias for to initiate an investigation with the carrier.


Let's look at how your support agents can use the "Report Lost/Damaged Packages" functionality.

  • Open any ticket with Order ID/ Tracking Number reference in the subject. (You can manually edit the subject to include Order ID / Tracking Number reference to load the widget.)
  • In the detailed updates view, click on "Report Lost/Damaged" to open the claim form.


  • Pick Lost or Damaged from the dropdown and upload details regarding the order and items reported lost/ damaged (along with purchase order and image evidence)

  • Click Submit to submit the request.


Our claims processing teams will initiate the investigation with the carrier in under 48 hours and you can view the status of the investigation under the "Lost/Damaged" section under Parcel Audit & Shipping Refunds.



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