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How can I keep track of my carrier refunds?
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Keeping track of your refund credits is easy if you ship through one carrier. All you need to do is, log in to your shipping account and check the details. Now, what if you ship through multiple carriers and want to keep track of all the refunds applied to your accounts?


No more multiple tabs opened and clicking buttons endlessly to track your refunds in your shipping accounts. You can view them all in one place right on your account’s dashboard.

Please follow the below steps to view your refund details:

1. Login to your account.

2. Navigate on the menu panel to the Parcel Audit & Shipping Refunds section.

3. Click the Refunds Dashboard submenu

4. Here you can get a quick overview of your refund credits including the total amount in refunds we got for you across all carriers.

5. To get an in-depth report on your refunds including refunds by carriers, by service type, invoice date, and tracking numbers, please click on the relevant options


You can also download your Refund report in PDF, CSV, and Excel formats.


That’s it! All your refund details, whether you ship through one carrier or multiple carriers are in one neat place.

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