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Connecting your Royal Mail account with
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Royal Mail Integration Process

For Parcel Audit & Shipping Refunds:

We would require access to Royal Mail's click and drop portal. Access to this portal provides with all the shipping information including all the fields necessary to file a claim like the tracking number, shipping cost, content, shopping cost, etc.


The services that are applicable for claims are  

  • Royal Mail 1st Class Signed For
  • Royal Mail 2nd Class Signed For
  • Special Delivery Guaranteed by 

Claim Process (For Parcel Audit & Shipping Refunds):

When the Royal Mail account is added to your account, (Click and Drop), we will be able to file the claims without any difficulties as and when fresh invoices are generated on Royal Mail accounts.


Real-time Tracking (For Delivery Experience Management):

High-Volume Shipments (above 500 Shipments a month): It is necessary to have a tracking API from Royal Mail to get accurate delivery information (actual delivery date). With this information, our automated system can generate late delivery reports and automate email notifications.

Shipments are low (Under 500 Shipments a month): Royal Mail doesn't provide support with API if the shipping volume is significantly low, hence we wouldn't be able to support real-time updates. 

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