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Automate return emails using Klaviyo
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You will require a public API key to set this up. This will be available on your Klaviyo account under Profile > Account > API Keys





Once this is done, log in to your Klaviyo account. You will find the events listed below available as event trigger metrics. Use these metrics to set up your flows.


IMPORTANT: Once email flows have been set up in Klaviyo, head back to your account to turn the toggle ON for the required events so we can start triggering the flows.



The different Event Variables that can be used in your email templates:


  • trackingnumber
  • shipdate
  • estimateddate
  • ordernumber (Shopify order number)
  • customername
  • lsstatus (Current status of the shipment)
  • trackinglink (Link to the customized tracking page)
  • carriertype (Name of the shipping carrier used)
  • variantid (Variant ID to use along with  {% catalog %} block.)

Here is an example syntax for using an event variable in an email template:

 <table width="100%">     
        <th colspan="3" style="text-align:left;">
      {% for item in event.Items %}
        {% catalog item.variantid integration='shopify' %}
        <td style="text-align:center;padding:8px;" width="30%">         
          <img alt="{{ catalog_item.title }} - {{ catalog_item.variant.title }}" src="{{ catalog_item.variant.featured_image.full.src|default:catalog_item.featured_img


The following data is available to reference inside of a {% catalog %} block.



Template Tag Name Description
{{ catalog_item.variant.description }} Description The description of the variant
{{ catalog_item.variant.tags }} Tags Any tags added to the variant
{{ catalog_item.variant.url }} URL The url for accessing the variant in your store.
{{ catalog_item.variant.title}} Title The title of the variant.
{% currency_format catalog_item.variant.metadata|lookup:"price"|floatformat:2 %} Price The price of an variant. This tag formats the item price with the correct currency prefix.
{{ catalog_item.variant.featured_image.full.src }} Full image The url for the full image of the variant. Use this inside of an image block, or an <img> tag.
{{ catalog_item.variant.featured_image.thumbnail.src }} Thumbnail The url for the full image of the variant. Use this inside of an image block, or an <img> tag.
{{ }} Id The Product ID of the variant.


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