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Understanding the Delivery Experience Management Dashboard
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Real-time data and predictive analytics are laid out intuitively in the form of a unified dashboard to provide a 360-degree view of all shipments in transit across shipping carriers.

1. View cross-carrier, Real-time Shipment Tracking

View real-time shipment data across all shipping carriers, services, and locations on a single unified dashboard with filters to further classify the data when needed. The intuitively categorized data helps understand shipments across all channels with a specific focus on shipments that require attention and human intervention. This dashboard contains 30 days of shipment data including 'Delivered' and 'Delivered with Delays' shipments. The reports are available for download in CSV and PDF formats.



2. Actionable Delivery Error Predictions
Delivery delays are identified well before they happen, facilitating preemptive action before customer impact. Each category of shipment breakup listed in the Delivery Experience Management dashboard provides granular information about the shipment in question with provisions to view customer and order information from the Order Management System/ eCommerce store data source. You can also click on the send email icon to initiate email communication directly with the customer.



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