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Yotpo SMSBump Integration -
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Automate Order Status SMS&Emails using SMSBump <> Integration.

When you integrate SMSBump with LateShipment, you will be able to reach the right customers with personalized content based on the shipping information that tracks.

 With the SMSBump integration, you can:

  • Send real-time shipping updates based on the Shipment statuses via SMS&Email;

  • Send real-time returns updates based on the return shipment statuses via SMS@Email;

  • Send updates about the delivery delays via SMS&Email. 

This integration works with all the platforms that SMSBump has direct integrations with.


Setup Process:

  • Connect your account to SMSBump from the Yotpo Marketplace
  • Click on "Connect App"
  • Authorize to create custom events on your SMSBump account to enable journeys.


Once authorized, you are ready to enable Journeys on SMSBump across the following modules.

  1. Delivery Experience Management 

  2. Returns Experience Management 

Note: If you have both LateShipment apps and want to use custom events for both of them, just go through one of the setup processes.


Delivery Experience Management Setup:

Open the app -> go to the Settings tab -> SMS notifications -> Notify via SMSBump.


Once your SMS/Email drafts on Yotpo are verified and ready to go, make sure to head back to your account and select the events you want to activate journeys for on your account.


Open the app -> select the Returns Experience Management tab -> Notifications -> Integrate SMS Tools -> SMSBump. Connect your account to SMSBump from the Yotpo Marketplace

Then scroll lower and select all the events you want to activate: 



How it works:'s post-purchase triggers are now available natively inside the My Flows section of Yotpo SMSBump. This integration will enable existing customers of to start using the feature by connecting their and Yotpo SMSBump accounts through the Yotpo Marketplace. If you are new to, you will be redirected to create an account before using this integration.



There are 13 different events during post-purchase that can push to SMSBump by means of this integration. These are: 


  • LS-Shipped - When a package is picked up by the shipping carrier

  • LS-In-Transit - When a package is in-transit with the carrier.

  • LS-In-Transit Delays - When a package is delayed in transit.

  • LS-FailedDelivery - When delivery for a package was attempted, but unsuccessful.

  • LS-OutforDelivery - When a package is out for delivery.

  • LS-Delivered - When a package is delivered.

  • LS-ReturnInitiated - When a return is approved and when a return is initiated.

  • LS-ReturnApproved - Return request reported has been approved.

  • LS-ReturnRejected - Return request reported has been denied.

  • LS-ReturnReceived -Returned item received at the warehouse.

  • LS-ReturnIntransit - Return shipment is in transit.

  • LS-RefundInitiated - A refund request has been processed for the item returned.


This enables users to in SMSBump using the custom events from to extend the notification journey to post-purchase events.

Enable Flows:

After enabling the integration, you will have access to transactional flows for 13 different post-purchase events within Yotpo SMSBump. These flows are fully customizable using the Yotpo SMSBump flow builder, allowing you to tailor your messaging and customer communication for each specific event. 

Note: The following properties are available for all custom events. You can use these in custom journey messages as event payloads:

The different properties that can be used as macros in your custom journeys are as follows:

  • {trackingnumber}

  • {shipdate}

  • {Estimateddate}

  • {deliverydate}

  • {Order Id}

  • {ordernumber} (Shopify order number)

  • {customername}

  • {lsstatus} (Current status of the shipment)

  • {trackinglink} (Link to the customized tracking page)

  • {carriertype} (Name of the shipping carrier used)

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