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Setting up Klaviyo-Lateshipment integration is easier than you think. In order to set up, please do the following:



 1. Sign into your Klaviyo account, and navigate to Account Settings > API Key. Copy the API key under the Public API Key


2.  Log in to your account, click Settings on the left side of the dashboard, select Notifications, and choose to Integrate Email Tools located at the top


3. Against Select your email marketing tool, select Klaviyo from the drop-down


4. Paste your Public API key that you copied earlier and click Save.


5. Head back to your Klaviyo account and create a new flow for's events


6. Now, customize your trigger workflow for events


7. You can now take the workflow live by clicking on the workflow and clicking LIVE


8. As a final step, go back to your account > Settings > Notifications > Integrate Email tools. Scroll down and turn ON the toggle for respective events and click Submit


9. You have successfully set up Klaviyo and Lateshipment integration.



That's it! Your customers will now receive emails you have set up the flow for.

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