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Getting started with SMS notifications
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Returns - SMS Notifications:

SMS notifications allow you to update your customers of the status of their return automatically via SMS as their return progresses to selected events. You can select the events at which you’d like your customers to be notified, use our default SMS templates or edit the content to your liking.


How can I get started with SMS Notifications?
To set this up, you would first need to connect your customer details to your LateShipment account. This can be done via simple integration with your CRM platform, Order Management System, or your eCommerce store. Setting this integration up lets us access and automate SMS updates to your customer’s phone numbers. 

Once set up, follow these simple steps to automate SMS notifications to your customers:

  • Go to Settings > SMS Notifications
  • Read the instructions and our SMS pricing. Select the check box provided.
  • Edit the SMS content to your liking. Be sure to replace [Your Business Name] with the name of your business.
  • Enable Notifications for the events that you pick by moving the corresponding slider to ON.

You’re set!

How will I be charged for SMS Notifications?


Based on your location, you’re charged a cost for every SMS sent from your account. Here below is the pricing we follow:






United States


UK and Europe




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