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How can I get started with email notifications?
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How can I get started with return email notifications?


Before you enable email notifications to your customers, two mandatory steps are to be completed: 

You would need to ensure your eCommerce store is connected to your account. Setting this integration up lets us access relevant customer information and automate notifications to their email IDs. You can connect your e-commerce store from here.

You would need to verify the email ID (domain) that you set up as your Sender ID. This is the ID from which your customers will receive email notifications. 

If your domain verification is complete as part of your D.E.M account set up, the verified email ID will be pre-populated on your Returns Experience Management - notifications set up screen. In that case, you will not be required to verify your domain again.

However, if you are a new user and your domain verification is not complete, it is mandatory to verify the new email ID. You can simply edit the email ID and sender name here and complete your domain verification following the instructions mentioned above.

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