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Configuring Return Methods
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We currently support these methods of return resolution:

  1. Refunds: This allows for a refund to be credited to the original payment method. 

  2. Exchanges: Exchanges are currently limited to size variants only.

  3. Store Credit: This allows for a refund to be provided by way of a store credit/gift card. 


Let’s look at the provisions available under each of these closely:


Description: You may provide additional information for each method. The method-specific descriptions provided here would be displayed against them on the Return portal when a shopper is looking to pick a resolution method. 


Shipping label: This is available to you under Settings. This allows you to define whether or not shoppers looking to return products will receive prepaid return shipping labels. If enabled, customers receive the shipping label via email on submitting a request on your return portal. 

Offering an easy return experience for your customers is a great tool to ensure loyalty and repeat purchases. We strongly recommend you enable this as it simplifies the return process for your customers. 


Whether or not you pay for the shipping labels in part or full can be configured under the “Shipping cost” provision against the specific method. 


Bonus: This is an optional setting that enables you to incentivize customers to pick the Store credit over Refunds by configuring a bonus amount just for this method. The bonus amount may be added to the customer’s refund by way of store credit.


Shipping cost: This allows you to define who bears the cost of shipping. The provision affords you the flexibility to offer free returns for your customers, or pass on shipping costs in part or have them bear the complete cost of shipping (though this is not recommended). Let’s take a closer look at these options:


  1. Free Return: Enabling this means your customer would enjoy free returns with a prepaid shipping label generated and sent to them via email. For your business, this would mean that you would bear the cost of the shipping label. 


This would constitute an ideal return experience for your customers. If your business is able to support free returns, we recommend you enable this.


  1. Cost of label: Enabling this means you would pass on the entire cost of the shipping label to your customers. 

A better alternative would be to subsidize the return so that your customers pay part and you cover the rest. The “Fixed cost” provision allows you to do this. 

  1. Fixed cost: This allows you to charge your customers a fixed cost per return. The fixed cost may be configured as part of the settings. 

The fixed cost may be deducted from the final refund amount. 



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