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How do I connect my Linnworks account with
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Here is the link to Linnworks's API documentation. You should be able to access developer portal with your Linnworks credentials -


1. In developer portal create System Integration application. 'Application Id' and 'Application Secret' can be found under Edit Application -> General.

2. Install the application on necessary Linnworks account using installation URL - provided in dev portal.

3. On installation, you will receive a token - static parameter that you will have to pass with application Id and Application Secret (both visible in dev portal) to this call


Running the 'AuthorizeByApplication' call will then return you a 'API token' as 'Token'.

Paste the Application ID, API Token and Secret Key on your to complete the setup.


Once you have successfully integrated Linnworks with, order data from the last 14 days are pushed to 

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