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Understanding Shipping Analytics and Reports
print icon provides a variety of custom-designed reports that let businesses manage and optimize their shipping operations with easy access to the right data in the form of pre-built reports. All reports generated are available for download in CSV and PDF formats.


Shipment Report: 

Regardless of multi-carrier shipping or multiple service type shipping, get all your shipment statistics at one place. The shipment report makes it easy to scrutinize and align your package shipping course for better logistic decision-making purposes. 


Shipping Spend Report:

Gain access to in-depth shipping spend intelligence. Understand granular details of your shipping spend, observe trends and explore opportunities to make critical cost-saving decisions and informed shipping choices.

Chronological Report:

It is common knowledge that your package shipping volume soars during the holiday season. Get a month-on-month break down of your shipping volume spread over a year with this report and stock up your warehouse accordingly. The report also brings to your attention the correlation between shipping volume and refunds credited at different points in the year.


Carrier Performance Report: 

Get a single consolidated view of delivery performance metrics across carriers, services and geographies. Dig deeper to uncover gaps in carrier performance or skim through for a bird’s eye view.

Geographic Report:

Ensuring that your warehouse is located in a region near your customers is critical for prompt deliveries. Understand shipping volumes, their cumulative values and carrier performance across geographies. Find out where your packages are landing with our geographic report. Pick your distribution center based on the region you are shipping to frequently.

Comprehensive Report:

As the name suggests, it is a detailed shipment report for all the locations. This report provides exhaustive information about your shipments that could be used for your business logistic research and analysis purposes.


Refund Claim Report:

The claim report gives complete information on the credits that we have fetched for the various carriers for your account. Access detailed reports of savings from refunds split by carriers and service types. The report could also be used to reconcile the credits with the adjusted invoice. 


Service Type Optimization:

Gain invaluable insights into how much you can potentially save on shipping expenses by choosing more cost-effective service types that still deliver on the same day or faster. Use these insights to switch to more economical shipping options without compromising delivery speed and fine-tune your shipping strategy for maximum efficiency.

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